Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ohio Trial USDAA

Went to the Mid-West on a vacation and we did a USDAA trial in Marengo, OH on the way. Nice trial, great bunch of people. Got to see some new faces. The best part was Killy picked up two P2 Std. legs! I was really happy. I actually was handling him. There were some tough parts, but he did awesome! He listened, collected and hit all his contacts.

I need to work weaves as he missed entries both days, but in all fairness, I think it was me saying something each time. I know I said something on Sunday and he turned around out of the weaves with a " What did you say?" look. I need to keep my mouth shut and let him work.

Contacts were awesome after we have been struggling with the aframe. I did a running aframe all weekend with him and he nailed it. Now I need to commit to it. I can't expect him to change the performance. That is a little scary to me, it means I actually have to HANDLE and not be LAZY. Hmmm.....things to work on. Team work means Killy and I...not just Killy trying to read my mind????? Really???? He is very smart:)