Friday, April 23, 2010

Scotch and a Whiskey.....

A new little girl came into my life a couple days ago named Whiskey. She is a split face red and white BC, 9 months old. Adorable doesn't even come close to describing her and she has a personality to match. Sweet, friendly, great with people and dogs. She has only been here a couple days and I am very impressed with her.

The funny part is that Killy's litter name was Scotch, so now I have Scotch and a Whiskey:)

I don't have pictures yet, but will hopefully get them this weekend if it's not raining.

We are working on crate games, quick sits and downs. I gave her a Kong this morning to play with and she had so much fun. It's nice to see her settling down and feeling comfortable so fast. One of the Springers has become her best friend and they play non stop. They both have freckles in the same spots on their legs.

This will be a fun weekend. It's a USDAA trial, so I get to see all my friends and run agility. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.