Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wisp Teeter Beginnings

Photo Credit goes to Mia. Thanks!

Today I decided to introduce the teeter to Wisp. I use the two table method to teach. I pad the tables so the teeter is stable. My goal was to get her to confidently jump up on the table and interact with the board. I didn't care what she did as long as it was with confidence. A bonus would be if she walked all the way across the board.

The first time, she hopped up on the table, put two feet on the teeter board, I clicked and treat, she went farther, c/t, etc. etc. all the way across the board. I released her and threw her toy. She came back, we did it two more times. Easy as pie. She was confident and I knew she understood the goal is to hop up on the table, walk across, I release and she earns the toy. Wow! One lesson, I had expected to spend a couple days on this. Poor Killy, this took him several lessons to learn. The board wasn't moving at all though, so I will repeat today's lesson tomorrow and then add a very slight tip. Probably remove one or two of the pads.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Killy and I will be at the ASCA trial next weekend. He has been doing really well in agility. We haven't had it together enough for a Q, but he is listening. Now I just need to learn my dog now that he actually listens and turns. We were so close to a Q on the USDAA Jumpers course a couple weeks ago. He had the best opening and closing, but in the middle, I didn't think he would turn as tight as he did and so I cued him way early and he actually listened and turned, but I caused an off course because of my position.

I just had to post a pic of my sweet boy so he didn't feel forgotten with the new pup.

Love Ya, Killy Boy:)

Wisp Training

I started using a mat to help her learn stay. She is struggling with the concept of not moving. I started by free shaping her to the mat, eventually clicking for all feet on and going for duration (staying on the mat). I have progressed to only rewarding for a sit on the mat and have moved it to my left side to help her understand she is to come back to that side rather than sit in front. I am trying to be proactive and combat her wanting to be in front. She is starting to learn what parallel path means and the mat is helping her achieve this. She also can hold a stay on the mat for about 5-10 sec. We are moving in the right direction.

She loves her frisbee and her yellow duck toy the most. She is starting to tug with the duck toy. When she brings them back, she must give me eye contact, she gets a food reward and then moves into position on her mat for another throw. My thought is that this will teach her to bring me into the game, look to me for direction and stay on one side or the other. After I have the behavior on the left side, then I will move the mat and work on the right. What I was getting before is a pacing in the back, in the front of me and she didn't know quite where I wanted her.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wisp Training

Killy has to share his blog with Wisp. So, today's post is about her training. I am very happy to say that she is starting to offer behaviors. She is retrieving, her toy drive is coming up and I got her to tug yesterday for the first time. Her best friends are the Springers because Lacey is just grouchy and refuses to even look at her:) Killy loves to play with her, but the Springers and her seem to hit it off the best.

She met several different breeds of dogs this week. It was funny to see her reaction. She really thought a sheltie was a sheep. She went into herding mode, very low and quiet and quick movements. Then Dare barked! I wish I could have caught her on camera because if a dog can look surprised, she did.