Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wisp Training

Killy has to share his blog with Wisp. So, today's post is about her training. I am very happy to say that she is starting to offer behaviors. She is retrieving, her toy drive is coming up and I got her to tug yesterday for the first time. Her best friends are the Springers because Lacey is just grouchy and refuses to even look at her:) Killy loves to play with her, but the Springers and her seem to hit it off the best.

She met several different breeds of dogs this week. It was funny to see her reaction. She really thought a sheltie was a sheep. She went into herding mode, very low and quiet and quick movements. Then Dare barked! I wish I could have caught her on camera because if a dog can look surprised, she did.

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  1. LOL, those durn shelties not knowing how to be like sheep, that must have been so funny. Sounds like everyone is getting along really well already, Yippie! that is always good ;-)