Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wisp Teeter Beginnings

Photo Credit goes to Mia. Thanks!

Today I decided to introduce the teeter to Wisp. I use the two table method to teach. I pad the tables so the teeter is stable. My goal was to get her to confidently jump up on the table and interact with the board. I didn't care what she did as long as it was with confidence. A bonus would be if she walked all the way across the board.

The first time, she hopped up on the table, put two feet on the teeter board, I clicked and treat, she went farther, c/t, etc. etc. all the way across the board. I released her and threw her toy. She came back, we did it two more times. Easy as pie. She was confident and I knew she understood the goal is to hop up on the table, walk across, I release and she earns the toy. Wow! One lesson, I had expected to spend a couple days on this. Poor Killy, this took him several lessons to learn. The board wasn't moving at all though, so I will repeat today's lesson tomorrow and then add a very slight tip. Probably remove one or two of the pads.

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  1. All right Wisp! She is going to be a natural! Love her picture, she is the prettiest girl ;-). Kathy with Cricket/Breeze/Liz