Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FRAC Video

Killy's P2 Standard run is posted on youtube. See the link on the bottom right of the blog to view.

I had thought originally that our run was terrible. Thank Goodness for the video because it was really pretty good overall. We had a great run to the A-Frame. The bobble after the frame was my fault. We had to push to the left over a jump. I signaled "turn" and he turned tight...looking for a flip into a tunnel under the frame. I should have just pushed toward the jump and gave him a verbal jump command.....I need to remember that. Goes back to my mantra of being consistent with my verbals as well as my signals. The weaves were all Killy, though. He did a drive by (no collection) and popped. I could see his head come up on the video, turn and anticipate the next obstacle. Just mileage here. He gets amped at the trials and just needs to remember to do his poles.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FRAC Trial, Loveland, CO April 4&5

Well, it was cold, windy and snowy on Saturday. Thank goodness we were inside, although, it was still really cold inside the building. I am really a warm weather kind of person though, so take that review with a grain of salt.
I was very pleased with how Killy and I ran overall. We had two Q's. One in P2 Snooker and one in P2 Pairs, but we were close in all the others. Even in Performance Speed Jumping...only one jump away from a Q, but our time was slow.

The bad things from the weekend: Weave issues: either not hitting the entry or popping once in. Today, at home, he was great, so I think it's a matter of trials and mileage. My handling: late,late,late, not driving.

The good: Contacts: Great contacts all weekend. He listens! Jumpers! Last run of the day and we got it together. He knocked a bar and I lost focus so he went off course, but what a great run.

I will post video as soon as I have some.