Sunday, February 21, 2010

ASCA Trial

The ASCA trial was held last weekend. It was a 3 day event and Killy and I participated in all the runs. Gamblers, Jumpers and Regular(Standard). It was alot of fun and hard work. It was a small trial, so if I wasn't course building, I was running or working in some other way. The people are great and since it was small, it was alot like inviting a bunch of people over to run agility in someone's back yard. I had a blast.

Killy ran very well. We ended up with 3 Q's....2 in Standard and 1 in Jumpers. We would have had more, but I got lost on 2 Jumpers courses and didn't cue him correctly in a couple gambles. One gamble, we had it. You had to call them over the jump closest to you and then turn them and send out to the far side jump...and I had it! He had turned, but I pulled back at the last second and he came right in...when will I learn to be patient:)

Lacey was on fire too. She ran 2 Jumpers and 2 Regular on the weekend. I had her entered in exibition only so she could jump 16 in., so we technically can't qualify, but her runs were fast and clean. She looked great and we felt great together.

We won't have another trial until April. Money is a bit tight this year, so we are not traveling much and even limiting trials at home. I am trying hard to see this as a positive...I can train more. I have a yard and equipment and will just try to make each trial the best I can.

ASCA Trial. Killy's qualifying Jumpers run.

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